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The 25th Frome Valley Art Show

It has been a busy month for me to date, leading up to my art group’s 25th Annual Art Exhibition. I was delighted when the committee asked if they could use one of my paintings (“Sunflowers”) on the advertisement poster, placed in local newsletters, on many sites and pages on the internet, and in local shops and libraries.

For me this year, the hardest part was in deciding …Read On

(NB: The painting of the rose above my head is by another artist.)

2 Responses to “The 25th Frome Valley Art Show”

  1. Laurie Ryan

    I’m so thrilled to hear you had a good turnout, and I’m in awe of all the talented folks in your area, including you. Congratulations, Kit!

    • Kit Domino

      Thank you, Laurie. All things considered, it was a great weekend and already thinking about next year’s exhibition. 🙂


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